Notes on my African Safari


Nyetoon gets productive

Ain’t it the damn truth. New pipeline in place, more to follow!


I animated my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I don’t know what’s worse, actually dumping ice on your head, or animating straight thru your lunch break.

You can Donate here.

Me and Lisa get Hitched

NyeLisa_01Took a small break from drawing cartoons to marry my girlfriend. Hearts all a-flutter. Be back at it next week.


How to deal with Jetlag

This was done on my iPad on a flight from London to Cape Town. With my finger… For the record!


A Mid-Atlantic Flight “Freak Out” Nyetoon




Done on the flight from LA to London. Sorry it’s almost impossible to make out, this is as close to live blogging as I get.

Nyetoon’s Yoga guide for the Stressed Out


This one was an experiment. I thought of this joke in the car. When I got home, I discovered that I had three hours to myself. Lisa was at work.

After sketching out my idea in 10 minutes. I thought I would try to do the whole thing in 3 hours. Just a blast shot.

So I did everything in photoshop on the fly.

I’ve been asked how I make these. This is pretty much my process. It’s 3 hours and 40 minutes condensed into about 3 minutes.

I usually listen to music when I work, so I set it to the kind of track I usually draw to. I like repeating electronic music, so if it ain’t your style, turn off your sound.

If you like the track, you can buy it on itunes here.




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World Cup: What makes us believe in Team USA?

What makes us Believe in Team USA?

Why we’re screwed without Net Neutrality

NYETOON_NetNeutrality_01 NYETOON_NetNeutrality_02 NYETOON_NetNeutrality_03



Look, Net Neutrality is a a very big deal.  I friggin’ love the internet, please help save it.

You can help my man, Al Franken, go to bat for us here:

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Next week Recession Bear will fart, or something much more light hearted.

How to have a Business Meeting when you make a webcomic


The Joy of the “Happy Meal” Mascot


How to watch Game of Thrones with your Girlfriend

How to watch Game of Thrones with your Girlfriend

We’re still on Season 2, so no spoilers please!

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Buying Plane Tickets


Now, that’s what I call a vacation.

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My Relationship

It's not easy to date an Entrepreneur at Nyetoon.

It’s not easy to date an Entrepreneur at Nyetoon.

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Why I suck at Business



So, after using Photoshop for two decades, I’ve finally discovered the Pen tool. Let me know your thoughts on the new style. I’ll be refining the look over the next few comics.

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The Stripped Film & Simplification



Last night I watched the Stripped documentary. It was two hours of legendary interviews from the entire comic strip making spectrum. Kathy to Dr. McNinja, The Oatmeal to Beetle Bailey. Save for Berkeley Breathed and his Bloom County (the strip most responsible for my love of the medium) they were all in there, Bill Watterson too.

It was a bit humbling to watch the masters talk about their craft, and I teetered on the balance of depression and inspiration. A fun watch, and for someone who likes comics, a must watch. It was also a great overview of the radical shift in the business from paper to internet. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I will never make a living as a cartoonist, so it didn’t rattle me in that way.

What struck me most was the mastery of simplification. It’s not what they showed, it’s what they didn’t show. Cartoonists are illustrators of the perfect amount.

Sunday,  I spent 6 hours drawing a Game of Thrones spoof comic, messing with detail, colors and composition. I was in deep in the software, trying to master it. At the end, I felt I created something that missed the mark.

It stuck me, that instead of spending an hour writing and 6 hours drawing, I might get more of an emotional impact if I spent 6 hours writing and an hour drawing something far simpler. I spent a lifetime in my sketchbook and only half of it on the computer, maybe I should go back to paper and see if I can just simplify what I am trying to say.

I have begun to re-imagine the Nye and Recession Bear Interaction, as if it were a real comic strip that I would produce on a regular basis. This has meant redesigning the production process and how they look. It has also meant taking my ramble of improvisation sketches and crafting it into a more linear series where the character personalities remain consistent.

I’ve begun rereading my entire collections of Calvin and Hobbes, The Peanuts, Bloom County, as well as looking to internet inspriation like Nedroid and Liz Climo.

I’ve tasked myself to draw 12 comics in the new style with new content, in an attempt to see if it fits better. A page of my brain storming is below. The newest of this series will launch on Monday.

Thanks for reading! The struggle continues!


Here is the Stripped Film Trailer:

New Direction


Drama on Television


This one was weird. I started with the idea of doing a Game of Throne’s spoof and it wound up a fart joke. These things just take on a life of their own, sometimes I am just along for the ride, watching where it takes me.

I also love how I spent forever on the detail of the top section, and when it came time to draw the regular characters at the bottom, I made mistakes all over the place.

It’s like, switching styles makes me forget how I usually draw them. Regardless, it’s done. Moving on.

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The Nyetoon Lego Set


Reference Links:

Check out the #Lego store itself (cough cough, outbound link) and you’ll see #pricing I’m talking about.

And here is #Minecraft !



Take a break


Stop. Don’t react.

Walk away and take a moment.

The email, the voice mail, that tone of voice he used.

It’s not worth reacting to.

Take a moment and reset.

Be here and let it be.