Driving Cross Town Existentialism

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After a pretty nice pop from last week’s comic, I agonized over whether I should do another comic about my family (or Griff.) In addition to my attempts to stop worrying about jokes, I’m also attempting not to write what other people want to see. Maybe that’s bad from a marketing stand point, but in order for me to show up every week and write, I need to write what I feel.

And lately, I’ve been feeling pretty scared about driving. I wanted to make something that felt uncomfortable, the way I feel when I get behind the wheel.

Driving for me has been the most acute reminder of human mortality. It’s pretty absurd that we fly around in these steel boxes all day, and then make nothing of it. It’s easy to fall into a pretty dark place when you think like this. Maybe our personification of death as a conscious character is just a way of dealing with it.

Anyway, thanks for reading and getting deep with me on a Monday.

See you next week.


Day at the Beach

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It’s interesting how the things can change so much during the making of a comic.

This started as a joke about sunblock. After a day at the beach, Lisa commented that I was sun burnt. I thought it was funny that, because of Griff, I had no time to put any sunblock on. So, as I wrote this comic in my sketchbook, I imagined a frenetic day of us at the beach that justified the joke.

When I began creating the comic itself, I became attached to each of the moments. By the time I got to the end, I felt I would cheapen the experience to put the joke in.

Once the joke was out, I removed all the dialogue from the comic. You’ll notice my intention to put dialogue in some of the panels with open mouths. I’m glad I left it out.

You can not preconceive a comic completely and then execute. The process of making them is equally part of the story. The scary part is having the faith to see it through, despite not knowing what it will eventually become.

Thanks for reading. See you next Monday.



The time I took Noam Chomsky to the Dodgers

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A few weeks ago Lisa and I had a Saturday night free, and we decided to watch a documentary called “Requiem for the American Dream” featuring Noam Chomsky. If anyone is at all familiar with his work (outside his linguistics research), you understand how depressing, uncomfortable and sobering his points can be. Basically, (if you don’t know who he is) Chomsky outlines how capitalism, corporate interest and human behavioral economics have driven our society to greatly polarized inequality, as well as destroying the basic rights and freedoms of a large portion of the global population. We all know corporations are doing a lot of really destructive things, but to be so starkly reminded of it was a bit “off-kiltering”.

The hard part is that my brain won’t let me stop thinking about these things, and whenever I try to enjoy a movie or watch baseball, Chomsky sits in the back of my mind telling me that larger interests are pulling the wool over my eyes. How am I supposed to behave now? Am I so selfish that sometimes I just want to watch the ball game? What is the right way to behave?

Anyway, more Nyetoons on the way. Thanks for reading.



The pressure to tell a joke

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This is the fist comic in a new Nyetoon experiment. Hopefully, it is one that will keep me making them.

When I look back at all of the reasons why I fall off of doing a weekly comic, I often say to others it is the pressure of work or life or being a new father. The reality is often that I’m too scared to write one. And for me, the greatest fear has been trying to “be funny.”

It’s weird to say that the pressure to tell a joke is what kills my motivation, but I really believe a lot of what keeps me from sitting down at the computer to make another comic, is that I feel like most of the time I’m not funny.

So, I decided to remove that element for a while. There are things I want to say — that I really really want to say — that have stayed in my sketchbook because there is no appropriate “joke” to go along with it.

Also, as a side note, you might notice I spent some time using downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) part of the comic. I’ve been working downtown for a couple of years now, and I think all of the train tracks and power lines and paved over river vistas, are a uniquly wonderful backdrop to philosophical ramblings.

I’ll be shooting for a weekly update. Not sure what day yet, but as I work through it, we’ll see what day I land on.

Thanks for reading. Appreciate it.


Back to Work after Baby

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I am redoing my Nyetoon pipeline. In order to focus on the system development and not the content, I thought I would rework some old comics that I liked. Redoing these gives me the chance to work out the ‘kinks’ before I start developing new comics. In this particular case, I simply practiced line work and coloring, both of which I hope to be drastically improving in the next few comics.

I chose this one because it is one is my wife’s favorites. It’s actually fairly representative of our relationship in general. Our term for Lisa is “the cuddle monster,” which despite my outwardly annoyance, is one of the reasons I love her. The original (on paper) is below.



My Fan Art for “Better Call Saul”

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I usually don’t do things like this, but I had a friend challenge me to come up with something. So, I figured what the heck. I watched the first few episodes with my sketchbook to try to see if I could capture “Saul Moments.” The first thing I’ll tell you is that Bob Odenkirk is hard to draw.  Besides an overall goofy way of holding himself and a receeding forhead comeover, he has very little in the way of “spoofable parts.” Most cartoon characters I draw have big eyes or glasses or something that is indicative of them. Saul doesn’t have much.

And his gestures are dual layered. He’s lying while overcompensating with large actions. A very difficult thing to illustrate in a drawing.

Anyway, the show is fun and I took a stab at it. It certainly reminded me that I enjoy drawing comics, which is why I am trying to finish up a batch of nyetoons … I hope friggin’ soon.

Thanks for reading.


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