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Everyone knows Everything




People tell me they like watching the time lapses. So I made another one. This time, to the Chemical Brothers, my all time favorite music to ink to.

The Demands of Married Life


I took a couple months off to work on some client stuff — hey, I need money! And I took January off to work on a video game, check it out here.¬†

I’ve been feeling the pull to come back to Nyetoon, and I know Lisa wants me to come back to it. So, I’ve started writing again. I’m also retooling the strip a bit. Will start posting again, starting Monday.

thanks for reading!


Taking a Break, and back at it


Taking a short break. Back in the New Year.

Nyetoon_takingashortbreak_01I’m going to take a short break from Nyetoon for the next month.¬†Probably until the new year.

I’m not going to bore you with the many many things that are going on currently with my life, but let’s just say, that I need the time and emotional energy that I normally would use to write and draw the comic to focus on a very important opportunity. It needs a vast amount of my creative focus, and it would be a real tragedy if the product suffered because I didn’t really take a real honest-to-god shot at it.

I’ve learned a lot about myself by drawing Nyetoon in the last six months or so, and I fully intend to come back to it after I’ve sorted out this other project. I’m also going to use the opportunity to reflect on the work I’ve done with the comic, take stock in some of the honesty I’ve pursued with my writing, and (hopefully) retool the strip for the better.

Recession Bear and myself will see you soon. Have a wonderful and safe holiday season, and as always… Thanks for reading.



The Types of Turkey, Part II: Revenge of the Gag Comic




Miss the original comic?

Here’s the link.

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Here’s another time lapse… this one took about 4 hours to do – writing, layout, art.

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