My Fan Art for “Better Call Saul”

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I usually don’t do things like this, but I had a friend challenge me to come up with something. So, I figured what the heck. I watched the first few episodes with my sketchbook to try to see if I could capture “Saul Moments.” The first thing I’ll tell you is that Bob Odenkirk is hard to draw. ┬áBesides an overall goofy way of holding himself and a receeding forhead comeover, he has very little in the way of “spoofable parts.” Most cartoon characters I draw have big eyes or glasses or something that is indicative of them. Saul doesn’t have much.

And his gestures are dual layered. He’s lying while overcompensating with large actions. A very difficult thing to illustrate in a drawing.

Anyway, the show is fun and I took a stab at it. It certainly reminded me that I enjoy drawing comics, which is why I am trying to finish up a batch of nyetoons … I hope friggin’ soon.

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