The pressure to tell a joke

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This is the fist comic in a new Nyetoon experiment. Hopefully, it is one that will keep me making them.

When I look back at all of the reasons why I fall off of doing a weekly comic, I often say to others it is the pressure of work or life or being a new father. The reality is often that I’m too scared to write one. And for me, the greatest fear has been trying to “be funny.”

It’s weird to say that the pressure to tell a joke is what kills my motivation, but I really believe a lot of what keeps me from sitting down at the computer to make another comic, is that I feel like most of the time I’m not funny.

So, I decided to remove that element for a while. There are things I want to say — that I really really want to say — that have stayed in my sketchbook because there is no appropriate “joke” to go along with it.

Also, as a side note, you might notice I spent some time using downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) part of the comic. I’ve been working downtown for a couple of years now, and I think all of the train tracks and power lines and paved over river vistas, are a uniquly wonderful backdrop to philosophical ramblings.

I’ll be shooting for a weekly update. Not sure what day yet, but as I work through it, we’ll see what day I land on.

Thanks for reading. Appreciate it.


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