Day at the Beach

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It’s interesting how the things can change so much during the making of a comic.

This started as a joke about sunblock. After a day at the beach, Lisa commented that I was sun burnt. I thought it was funny that, because of Griff, I had no time to put any sunblock on. So, as I wrote this comic in my sketchbook, I imagined a frenetic day of us at the beach that justified the joke.

When I began creating the comic itself, I became attached to each of the moments. By the time I got to the end, I felt I would cheapen the experience to put the joke in.

Once the joke was out, I removed all the dialogue from the comic. You’ll notice my intention to put dialogue in some of the panels with open mouths. I’m glad I left it out.

You can not preconceive a comic completely and then execute. The process of making them is equally part of the story. The scary part is having the faith to see it through, despite not knowing what it will eventually become.

Thanks for reading. See you next Monday.



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