Driving Cross Town Existentialism

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After a pretty nice pop from last week’s comic, I agonized over whether I should do another comic about my family (or Griff.) In addition to my attempts to stop worrying about jokes, I’m also attempting not to write what other people want to see. Maybe that’s bad from a marketing stand point, but in order for me to show up every week and write, I need to write what I feel.

And lately, I’ve been feeling pretty scared about driving. I wanted to make something that felt uncomfortable, the way I feel when I get behind the wheel.

Driving for me has been the most acute reminder of human mortality. It’s pretty absurd that we fly around in these steel boxes all day, and then make nothing of it. It’s easy to fall into a pretty dark place when you think like this. Maybe our personification of death as a conscious character is just a way of dealing with it.

Anyway, thanks for reading and getting deep with me on a Monday.

See you next week.


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