The time I took Noam Chomsky to the Dodgers

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A few weeks ago Lisa and I had a Saturday night free, and we decided to watch a documentary called “Requiem for the American Dream” featuring Noam Chomsky. If anyone is at all familiar with his work (outside his linguistics research), you understand how depressing, uncomfortable and sobering his points can be. Basically, (if you don’t know who he is) Chomsky outlines how capitalism, corporate interest and human behavioral economics have driven our society to greatly polarized inequality, as well as destroying the basic rights and freedoms of a large portion of the global population. We all know corporations are doing a lot of really destructive things, but to be so starkly reminded of it was a bit “off-kiltering”.

The hard part is that my brain won’t let me stop thinking about these things, and whenever I try to enjoy a movie or watch baseball, Chomsky sits in the back of my mind telling me that larger interests are pulling the wool over my eyes. How am I supposed to behave now? Am I so selfish that sometimes I just want to watch the ball game? What is the right way to behave?

Anyway, more Nyetoons on the way. Thanks for reading.



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  1. Hunter
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    Hey Nye,

    I know Noam is highly skilled at presenting and delineating his world-view. However, before you let it keep you up at night I also think you can, if you would like, take it with a grain of salt or two. I found a link to a pretty well thought out and measured criticism of some of his work that may act as a bit of antidote and perhaps lead to other discussions and views. Or not. Anyway:

  2. NyeGuy
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    Cool! thanks for the link dude.
    Check it out Chomsky folks…
    As long as it doesn’t ruin my next Dodgers game.

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