The Analytics of Fathering a 10 month old



My increased interest in writing software has sparked an increased interest in data visualization. It took me a while to make time, but I gave myself the pleasure of consuming David McCandless’ book “Knowledge is Beautiful.” I highly recommend taking some time and really allowing yourself to get lost in the images in this book.

I’ve always felt strangely wary of data insight. So many firms claim to have the capability to analyze company data, where data can be used in so many different ways. I worry about a large percentage of these firms being as clueless to what the data means, as the rest of us are. And maybe it’s because I don’t truly understand how it is used effectively.

But McCandless is an artist more than a data scraper. He tells stories, many of which are surprising and funny. I felt his presence in each of his visualizations, much like how I feel when I read the work of a great cartoonist.

While reading it, I began to really enjoy it as a story telling medium, which sparked this week’s Nyetoon. It’s really fun that data, even made up comedy data, can paint a picture in your head, potentially as effective as narrative images.

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