What’s with the Bear?

He’s my foil, so my comic version doesn’t look stupid talking to himself.  He showed up in this comic, and never left. 


So, it’s like, your diary?

I suppose? I try not to think too hard about what I write about. It’s a lot of improvisation and stream of consciousness.


Why don’t you make more Nyetoons?

I’m trying! I have to stick to a schedule of every Monday. I believe if I can do that, I will certainly make a lot more.


How old is your kid?

He’s just under a year old.


Why do you draw (– insert stylistic drawing question —)?

It’s just how I draw I guess. Like the content, I just try to let the art come to me.


If you have more questions, please feel free to shoot me a line nye (at) animatd (dot) com

Thanks for reading!